Danfoss Presents Smart Store Solution

Danfoss-Smart-Store2 With increasing competition and decreasing margins, food retailers are hunting every penny to secure profitability. Now Danfoss, a leading producer of cooling solutions, launches a Smart Store solution that allows retailers to obtain operational excellence and save money on energy.

- Monday, 15 February 2016 By Danfoss

Energy consumption is one of the biggest cost drivers in supermarkets. The ambition with the Smart Store concept is therefore to enable net-zero stores or even stores that supply more energy than they use.

- With smart and integrated solutions for compressors, refrigerated display cases, cold rooms, HVAC, lighting and with external grids we can offer energy savings of up to 50 percent with the Smart Store solutions, says Henrik Schurmann, VP Danfoss Food Retail.

The first place to start looking for energy savings is the compressor pack that typically accounts for 30-50% of the store's energy consumption. Numerous studies and experiments have shown that compressors only need to run full speed about ten percent of the time to meet the cooling demand. The rest of the time, the compressors can run at a lower speed and still deliver the required refrigeration capacity. Frequency converters and suction pressure optimization are some of the measures brought into play to save up to 30 percent on the energy bill. By adding heat reclaim to the compressor pack, the savings can be even bigger.

- There is a huge waste of energy from the compressor pack, when only about 30 percent of the installed compressor capacity is actually used for refrigeration. This leaves an untapped energy reservoir that can be used for heating of the store premises, hot water or fed into the local district energy network. Our Smart Store solution seeks to exploit the surplus heat by introducing heat reclaim. The returned energy savings typically pay back the investment in less than a year, says Henrik Schurmann.


Smart Store Saves Energy Inside and Outside the Store

Smart Store comprises several features that reduce the energy consumption of refrigerated display cases and freezers significantly.

- Electronic evaporator controls and valves save a lot of energy, since the injection of refrigerants to the individual cases and freezers is measured and dozed precisely according to the actual demand at any time. The feature is called adaptive superheat and can potentially save up to 12 percent on the energy bill, says Henrik Schurmann.

Increasing the energy efficiency inside the store, however, is not the only way to achieve cost savings and environmentally friendly solutions. Flexibility in energy demand – or smart grid integration – is also part of the solution. Compressor load shedding in supermarkets can release as much as 60-80 % of the cooling capacity for up to 20 minutes on specific grid requests.

- Food safety always comes first when we talk about load shedding. It requires extremely precise and reliable control of all refrigeration equipment to take the compressors out for any amount of time. Our Smart Store solution puts safety first and allows interaction with the electricity grid to achieve a perfect balance between energy consumption of the store and demands from the grid owner, says Henrik Schurmann.


CO2 Systems with Heat Reclaim are Part of Smart Store

Supermarket refrigeration has been in the environmental limelight for years. Leakage rates of up to 30 percent from supermarkets’ refrigeration systems pose a serious threat to the climate, and rigorous regulation in Europe and most recently in the US has been introduced to phase-down the use of conventional HFCs. Among refrigerant alternatives, CO2 is emerging as one of the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly solutions.

- In developing Smart Store we have had a favorable eye on CO2 solutions for many years. While part of the industry has rejected CO2 due to its high pressure levels and relatively high investment costs, we have pursued our development activities to prove that CO2 is not the ugly duckling, but a highly attractive alternative with high efficiencies especially when combined with heat reclaim, says Henrik Schurmann.

So far more than 7,000 Danfoss trans-critical CO2 systems are operating in European supermarkets, and the coming years are expected to see a similar development in the US after the implementation of new regulation. Furthermore, innovative technologies open new opportunities for the application of CO2 in warmer climates and with ever higher efficiencies.


Danfoss-Smart-Store Thinking Ahead with Big Data

Big data opens a new world of opportunities for food retailers to improve revenue streams, control costs and drive change in business and delivery models. According to a McKinsey* study, retailers can improve operating margins up to 60 percent by harnessing big data from shop floor to technical installations.

- With our Smart Store solution we want to inspire food retailers to use big data not only to improve the shopper experience, but also to ensure optimum performance of store facilities and appliances. Data integration and connectivity enable full transparency across sites with opportunities for inter-store benchmarks, continuous improvements, remote service and predictive maintenance, says Henrik Schurmann.

Among others, continuous data collection and analysis enable automatic HACCP reporting and on-going optimization of the energy efficiency. Smart Store offers Electronically Delivered Services (EDS) to optimize the daily operation and free up resources in store and chain management.

- EDS ensures that the energy savings are sustained through constant monitoring and optimization. In addition, EDS offers a highly reliable platform for operational optimization and control of food safety around the clock. The service is remote and requires no onsite actions, ends Henrik Schurmann.


Facts About Danfoss Smart Store

The Danfoss Smart Store solution has been developed based on more than 30 years of close cooperation with the global community of food retailers through ADAP-KOOL® solutions and more than 80 years in the HVAC industry. The solution is running in more than 5,000 stores worldwide and the proven savings are up to 50% per store.

The Smart Store solution enhances food safety and brings down the energy bill by integrated control of refrigeration, HVAC, lighting and other applications, connecting and optimizing your supermarket from case to cloud.

As a market leader with more than 50,000 food retail installations worldwide, Danfoss leads the development of integrated Smart Store control solutions. 250 food retail specialists engineer the solutions of tomorrow and provide consultancy to help find the right store solution.

*McKinsey Global Insitute, "Big data: The next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity", 2011



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